I’ve just been reading Sharing learning through blogging, and as always when reading another good blog it makes me reflect upon what is happening with our project.   That’s one of the unexpected benefits of blogging, it creates time to reflect.Becky Brown, Project Development Manager

And reflecting upon the last couple of weeks, we seem to have making lots of new connections;

  • Two weeks ago we met with our Older Person’s Steering Group.  Their ideas and feedback provide us lots of insight to how the project is going, and as they did at the last meeting they also identify opportunities to spread the word about the project.  And as a direct result of their recommendations we now have some new connections in the local community.
  • Last week we met with another Silver Dreams – Hampton Trust’s Planning for the Future.  Not only did we share learning, we also identifed potential for a new and future partnership.  Very exciting!
  • We also, last week, met with the founder of Death Cafes.   It was a great meeting, and Jon is inspiring.  We were chatting to Jon about his newest project, and exploring ideas for working together.
  • And we’ve even been connecting on the train.  Last Thursday I fell into conversation with a fellow commuter about end-of-life care.  This led to a conversation about another Silver Dreams project; a project I only learnt about because of blogging.  And we are hoping our conversation will lead to a new connection.

So if you are not yet blogging or following blogs, then we recommend you consider it!  Not only has blogging enhanced our skills and shared our learning more widely it has opened new doors and brought unexpected benefits.