We built this website in the hope that whoever needs to use it, can do so easily.

If you do have problems, or would like to make any suggestions to improve the site from an accessibility point of view, please get in touch.



We have made every effort to ensure this website is easily readable using ‘plain english’. In addition, we have ensured that the design of this website is not an obstacle to its usability and readability.


How to increase text size

We have built the site so you can increase/decrease the text size to make it easier to browse the website.

At the top of each page (see screenshot below) you will see three consecutive A’s. Each character corresponds to a text size so if you are having trouble reading the text please try increasing the size using this feature.


How to increase page size

As well as being able to increase the size of the text (as described above), most internet browsers have the ability to zoom in/out to increase the overall page size. In most instances this will require you to hold down the CRTL (PC) or CMD (Mac) key and press the + key to increase, or the – key to decrease page size.