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Get help if your relative’s wishes are not being respected

If someone close to you is not having their voice heard, our specialist nurse-led team can give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to fight for the right care and treatment.

Our service

When someone close to you has expressed their wishes about what they want to happen at the end of life, it can be distressing to see them being given treatment that goes against those wishes. In these situations, some people find it difficult to talk to doctors and other healthcare professionals.

If you, or someone close to you, has a living will (advance decision) or health power of attorney that is being ignored, we can help. Even if these documents are not in place, we can help make sure their wishes are central when decisions are made.

Drafting letters and emails

We can help you write and send a letter to a doctor. This might be a reminder about professional responsibilities or mentioning the relevant laws that must be followed.

Preparing for meetings with doctors

Often, important decisions get made in short meetings. These can be stressful moments but we can help you prepare to make sure you feel ready, organised and confident.

Thinking of questions to ask

It can be hard to know what to ask when you, or someone close to you, faces a complex medical situation. We can help you to ask the right questions at the right time.

How we helped James

“I needed somebody to tell me what the right thing to do was for my mum. Compassion in Dying’s nurse Sarah was able to contextualise what was happening and she was able to make some expert suggestions on what to do. I really don’t know what I would’ve done otherwise.”

Arrange a call with our nurse

Help us build a picture of what’s happened. The best way we can help is if we have all the information. Is there a living will (advance decision) or health power of attorney which is being ignored?

Frequently asked questions

I need help now, can I talk to someone?

If you have an urgent meeting with a doctor and you need help right now you can try calling our information line on 0800 999 2434 which is open between 11am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

I need help for myself, can you help?

Yes, this service is for anyone having problems getting their wishes respected. Whether that’s yourself, or someone close to you.

My relative doesn’t have a living will or power of attorney, can you still help?

Yes, we know lots of people do not have these documents in place. There is still a process called best interests decision making that should be followed by doctors in these situations. We can give you the information and tools to push for this.

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