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7 May 2021

Coordinate My Care goes live with the National Record Locator – Londoners’ Urgent Care Plans can now be accessed across England

Patients said they wanted their digital urgent care plan to travel across geographical boundaries. Coordinate My Care responded to this request.

Patients said they wanted their digital urgent care plan to travel across geographical boundaries. Coordinate My Care responded to this request. CMC integrated into the NHS National Record Locator (NRL). The NRL enables an authorised clinician, care worker and /or administrator, in any health or care setting, to access a patient’s information to support that patient’s direct care. In connecting CMC to the NRL we have linked 72,000 Londoners with existing CMC urgent care plans to all the urgent care services that have linked to the NRL, across England. This means, wherever patients travel across the country to visit family or friends, if they need help, the emergency services that are linked to the NRL, can access their CMC plan. Health and Care professionals caring for the patient will know the patient’s wishes, preferences, and clinical details. They will know what to do and who to contact in an emergency.

This is a huge step forward for CMC in achieving its goal to become a National Urgent Care Planning service. Communicating patients’ information seamlessly across every setting from their homes to GP surgery, the hospital and even into ambulances. CMC is truly patient centred. Patients start their plans online at They enter details about their wishes and preferences and what is important to them. Their clinician then adds the clinical details and approves the plan. The plan is co-created. Once the plan is approved it is ‘live’ and now with this new development, when it is ‘live’ it can be accessed by 111, 999 and the emergency departments across England.

Patients are at the heart of their own bespoke urgent care plans and all the services connect around them coordinating their care. The integration into the NRL means that Londoners with a CMC care plan can now be confident that the plan that they personally created, they can view and edit on their mobile devices. At the same time, their plan is available to healthcare professionals up and down the country ensuring that they are not strangers when they call any urgent care service in England.

Julia Riley, Clinical Lead for Coordinate My Care says:

“This is the future. The future is patient centred care underpinned by digital technology that enables truly seamless, co-ordinated care wherever you are. This development means a great deal to the CMC team that has worked tirelessly to co-ordinate high quality care for patients. It is, however, even more important to the patients whom we support, and I would like to thank everyone involved for helping to make this happen. Our integration with the NRL will surely see increased positive patient outcomes and reduction of inappropriate hospital admissions around the country. These records are available in London and as further ambulance trusts and care providers come on board with the NRL we will really see the benefit in improved care for our patients. The future for the NHS is to deliver more cohesive patient centred care.

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