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Registering a Welfare Power of Attorney

You need to complete a registration form to register a Welfare Power of Attorney (WPA). The form needs to include the full details of the granter and the attorneys. The attorneys must also sign the registration form to confirm that they’re willing to be attorneys.   

You must then send the written document, certificate of capacity, registration form and registration fee to the Office of the Public Guardian Scotland (OPG Scotland). You can also submit the documents online using the Electronic Power of Attorney Registration system (EPOAR).

How much does it cost?

It costs £74 to register a WPA. Cheques must be made payable to the ‘Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service’. If you’re submitting the WPA documents online using EPOAR then it’s also possible to pay by credit or debit card.

How can I get the WPA forms?

Remember that there’s no specific form for the written document. You can get the WPA registration form and certificate of capacity form in one of two ways.

You can:

  1. Download them from the OPG Scotland website.
  2. Ask the OPG Scotland to send the form to you by calling 01324 678 300.

Can I change my mind?

Yes, while you have capacity you can change your mind at any time and cancel the WPA. If it hasn’t been registered, you can destroy the document and should tell anybody involved in the WPA that you’ve done so.

If you’ve already registered the WPA, you must contact the OPG Scotland if you want to change or cancel it.