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What can I include in my Advance Statement?

An Advance Statement allows you to write down anything that’s important to you.

This can be about any aspect of your life, health or care, such as:

  • your food preferences
  • your religious or spiritual views
  • information about your daily routine
  • any fears you have around treatment or care
  • information about your personal care, such as whether you prefer a bath or a shower
  • if you like to sleep with the light on
  • your preference over where you would like to be cared for, for example at home, in hospital or in a residential home

You can also use it to specify any people you’d like to be consulted when decisions are being made on your behalf. However, doing this doesn’t mean that a healthcare professional has to follow what that person says. The only way to give another person the legal power to make health or care decisions on your behalf is by making a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare.