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How do I make an Advance Decision (Living Will)?

Any adult with capacity can make an Advance Decision (Living Will). There’s no set form for making an Advance Decision and you can write one yourself as long as it meets the requirements needed to be ‘valid’ and ‘applicable’.

Steps for making an Advance Decision (Living Will)

To make an Advance Decision you should:

  • think about what you want and the situations you’d want to refuse treatment in
  • speak to those close to you about your wishes
  • fill in your Advance Decision form
  • sign and date your Advance Decision form in the presence of a witness; your witness must also sign and date the form
  • give a copy of your signed and witnessed Advance Decision to the people close to you, your GP and anyone else involved in your care

If you want to refuse life-sustaining treatment you must include a sentence that states that your refusals apply even if your life is at risk or shortened as a result (our template form includes this wording).

You don’t need a solicitor to write an Advance Decision. As long as it meets certain requirements then it’s a legally binding refusal of treatment.


Make an Advance Decision (Living Will) for free now

You can make an Advance Decision using our free template form or make one online.