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What if I disagree about a decision that my loved one’s doctor has made?

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Sometimes you might disagree with the treatment and care decisions that your loved one’s doctor makes. If there’s a disagreement about how your loved one should be treated, then their doctor should review all the information available to them with everyone involved in your loved one’s care.

The doctor should try to balance everyone’s concerns when making a decision about your loved one’s treatment and care, and their decisions should always be made in the best interests of the patient.

What to do if there’s an ongoing disagreement

If you and the doctor can’t agree about which treatment is in your loved one’s best interests, you can ask for a second opinion or involve an advocate.

If this doesn’t work you can make a formal complaint to the hospital or care provider about the doctor. You can also speak to a solicitor.

If you’re still unable to settle the disagreement you can apply to the Court of Protection to make a decision. There are emergency procedures so that urgent cases can be dealt with quickly.


More information

We have more information about what to do if there’s a disagreement about your loved one’s Advance Decision and your rights if you’ve been made an attorney through an LPA.