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How do I make an Advance Decision

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Anyone can write an Advance Decision but Compassion in Dying provides free forms that meet all the criteria needed for it to be legally binding.

You can download the form and guidance notes here or contact our Information Line and we’ll send you them in the post.

Make an Advance Decision for free now 


How do I make an Advance Decision?

  1. Think about what you want and the situations in which you would want to refuse certain treatments.
  2. Speak to your loved ones about your wishes.
  3. Speak to your doctor about your Advance Decision. They will be able to talk to you about which treatments to include and you can ask them to witness your mental capacity by signing the declaration within the form.
  4. Fill in your Advance Decision form. Then sign and date it, and have your signature witnessed. Your witness must then sign and date the document.
  5. Just the act of completing an Advance Decision correctly makes it legally binding, so there is no need to involve a solicitor.
  6. As there is currently no central record of Advance Decisions, it is important that people around you know if you have one.