images095C10S4Hello everyone! My name is Ann-Marie and I am the Project Coordinator for the My Life, My Decision project. I am based at an Age UK in East London. Thank you all for welcoming me. I am excited to be part of this great project, and looking forward to meeting the rest of the team soon!

I came on board towards the end of the pilot project and am very excited to be part of the launch of the programme nationally. I am really looking forward to having a national  team who I can share ideas and experiences with.

We are looking to build on the pilot project we started, and work in partnership with East London professionals and, most importantly, clients. For the next couple of months, I’ll be working on the following:

  • Liaising with Age UK East London Volunteering Manager to recruit volunteers for MLMD Project and contacting existing volunteers and updating them about the start of the project
  • Liaising  with the Older People’s Reference Group (OPRG)
  • Contacting day centres and arranging meeting with different clubs and groups to raise awareness within my local community
  • Arranging meetings with Sheltered Scheme Mangers to organise sessions to speak about care and treatment at the end of life
  • Organising meetings with Internal Project Managers to raise awareness of MLMD amongst professionals

Frankie and Verena came and met me at the office this week and we discussed the successes of the pilot project and the challenges moving forward. I know there are certain areas I am particularly interested to explore, and I’m excited to hear from the other project coordinators about their personal interests in their local area.

More updates from me in a few weeks time! Over to Sonia …