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Zach Moss 10 November 2016

What to do when someone dies

When we lose someone close to us, we can often feel lost and overwhelmed. On top of dealing with our emotions and grief, we might not realise the amount of practical work that needs to be done or where to start. Fortunately, help is out there. SunLife has created a new guide that explains each step and provides useful tips and checklists to make everything as simple and straightforward as possible. Their free online tool, What to do when someone dies, guides you through the different steps that need to be addressed: The guide explains what order each task should be seen to, provides key information on how to do so, and signposts you to other organisations that can help. You can go at your own pace and come back to the guide at any stage, and there are free checklists that can be downloaded to remind you of what needs to be done.

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