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Zach Moss 17 October 2013

We run small group sessions too . . . .

A week or so ago, Vicky   – Advocacy Manager – and Carole – Volunteer Advocate – ran a group session with 8 older people. It seemed to go really well for everyone involved.

Vicky and Carole found themselves discussing (and debating at times!) everything from the need to do something for peace of mind to actually being dead at the point of cremation/ burial to whether or not everyone is embalmed after death and how that impacts on the matter of organ donation and how organ donation fits into Religious beliefs. At times the conversation became very serious, and at other times light hearted. For example, someone shared that they have a number of metal parts in their body and so they have told their partner not to worry about burial/cremation but to take them to the scrapyard so they can ‘make a few bob’! The session highlighted how important it is that anyone involved with planning future care allows the older person time to think about what they want and to have the time to explore what really matters to them. We had already picked up through the Information Line that many older people request the free forms and then take up to a year to complete them, because they need the time and space to think through their thoughts before they even consider setting aside time to speak to family and/or their carers. All of the older people at the session want to complete an Advance Decision, but even though the session was a follow up to a talk it was not the time to go through individual forms. So further follow visits are being arranged, this time on a 1:1 basis so Vicky and Carole can talk on an individual basis to start and/or complete the forms. And to finish what makes our project different to many of the other providers of Advance Decision and LPA advice and training . . . in the words of an older person who we have met with recently . . .”it’s free”! If you have a question or would like to talk to someone about Advance Decisions or LPAs call us on 0800 999 2434.

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