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Zach Moss 27 July 2015

Volunteering in Hillingdon – can you?

My Life My Decision has been running in Hillingdon for over ten months. It has become extremely busy, and Project Coordinator Sonia tells us more about the importance of our volunteers. Being involved in raising awareness about end of life rights and choices can be very challenging, but also very rewarding. Having gone through the death of a loved one who experienced a very difficult death, I wanted to work for My Life, My Decision as it was something that was very close to my heart and trying to help others avoid a similar experience was very important. Recruiting volunteers for the project has been challenging; it can be a very emotional subject matter, and this has of course been a factor in the recruitment process.
Your My Life, My Decision team in Age UK Hillingdon
Your My Life, My Decision team in Age UK Hillingdon
Back in December 2014, I received a phone call from a gentleman who was very interested in getting involved in the project. He explained that he had seen the post advertised in his GP surgery and after reading the job description the role of a My Life, My Decision Volunteer it really struck a chord with him. He explained that a few years back he had been working for a laundry company in Thailand and visited many care homes where he met people who were at the later stages of life. Having seen the situations they were in, and not being able to help in any way, stayed with him for a long time. He felt getting involved in My Life My Decision was a way to give something back. It is fantastic to find someone who understands the importance of the project and the message we are trying to deliver.I am very delighted to say this gentleman is now a volunteer for My Life, My Decision. I have also been lucky enough to recruit an existing Age UK Hillingdon volunteer who has been with the organisation for many years, who also sits on our steering group Getting involved in something, and making a difference to someone, is always rewarding. If you are interested it getting involved, please do get in touch. We are also offering a drop in surgery at our Uxbridge shop the first Friday of each month, where you can pop in for a chat to find out more and what your rights and choices are in regards to end of life planning.   For more information please contact: Sonia Dhillon Age UK Hillingdon My Life, My Decision Project Coordinator. Direct Dial: 0208 589 0065 Mobile: 07990 035 399 Email:

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