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Zach Moss 31 March 2014

Our first My Life, My Decision road trip . . . .

In mid March Danielle and I were out and about visiting our new delivery partners. OMy Life, My Decision road tripur trip of over 1000miles took us around England from our offices on Oxford Street to the outskirts of Heathrow, via one of the oldest towns in England, through the somewhat wet but tranquil atmosphere of the Lake District, close to the bright lights of Blackpool and Manchester, up to 1200ft across the pennines and along stunning beaches in the north east. In some cases we met for the first time the directors and CEOs of our Age UK partners, and most days one or both of us travelled into areas we had never been to before. Our meetings were introductory sessions – an opportunity to discuss My Life, My decision structure and deliverables, find out if anything has changed since the application was submitted to Big Lottery in November 2013, discuss next steps and most importantly have the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the usual email and telephone communications. The trip highlighted how every Age UK is going to bring something unique to My Life, My Decision, and we left the meetings feeling enthused about the next steps.  The trip also highlighted some of the local and national initiatives which My Life, My Decision could benefit from linking into We also learnt things about each other on the trip  – for example I shared that previous visits to Lancaster had included a visit to A&E on Boxing Day and a night out on a stag night (not connected!!), and Danielle has considered moving to Cumbria. We really enjoyed our trip, and are very excited about developing partnerships and working with such excellent Age UKs.  Together, thanks to the Big Lottery Silver Dreams fund, are going to be making a real difference in the lives of older people across England. We are very grateful to everyone we met for their time and hospitality.  The cakes in Kendal and stunning empty beaches in South Shields though were definitely highlights!
Most northerly point we visited
Most northerly point we visited

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