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Zach Moss 17 October 2014

Lynda’s story has made me ask ‘What do I want?’

uktv-linda-bellingham-this-morning-3Death is an inevitable part of life. It is a natural process and anything that begins must have an end, whether it is a flower, animal or plant. However, death remains one of the most difficult aspects of life for us to talk about. Lynda Bellingham has started this necessary conversation, where there is often silence. She has publicly decided to refuse further treatment for her terminal cancer.  I recently read a quote in the Guardian newspaper, who published an interview with the “Oxo” lady, which really stood out for me:      
Please don’t think I am giving up for the sake of a few ulcers. It is the fact that my body has started to rot, and I promised myself as soon as that happened I would make a plan. I want my family to remember me whole. I want you all to remember me.
I think Lynda’s story really highlights the importance of the My life, My Decision project. It really ilPIClustrates why it is important to plan ahead, before a situation reaches a ‘crisis point’, so you still have some control over your life. By refusing further treatment, Lynda still has control over the life she has left and can continue to live it as best as she can. She can concentrate on being with her loved ones and say a proper goodbye. This for her is what she considers to be a “good death” and well done to Lynda for being so brave. She has shown that it’s ok to talk about this issue and has done so in such a public way, opening up the topic for us all to talk about. Sometimes the most difficult conversations can be the most liberating! It can be difficult to talk about such issues, So why not have a think about “what would I want” when my time comes because, at the end of the day, it is YOUR life so make it YOUR Decision!  

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