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Zach Moss 27 August 2013

It has given me peace of mind . . . . .

So far on this blog we have shared thoughts on the training, feedback from community stakeholders and project news.   Today we are delighted to be able to share with you what one of the project beneficiaries has to say about it. Lloyd from Newham was referred to Age UK East London’s Befriending service. During his befriending assessment Lloyd was asked if he had an Advance Decision or Lasting Power of Attorney (Health & Welfare). Lloyd didn’t and requested more information about what they are.  So Vicky and another advocate from Age UK East London visited Lloyd to discuss both Advance Decisions and Lasting Power of Attorney. Lloyd shares what happened next: After the befriending assessment I discussed both the Advance Decision & LPA with a relative and we decided that the LPA would be the better option for me. When the Advocates visited we discussed the LPA and the implications it would have for my Attorney. We also discussed what for me was the bottom line: i.e. a situation I did not want to be in health wise. My view is that if I am unable to manage my own personal care/ verbally communicate/ enjoy my hobbies such as reading and writing then I would not want my life to continue. I also discussed with the Advocates the Advance Decision and came to the conclusion that I wanted to be in complete control of decisions regarding my health & treatment and that I did not want someone else to be in a situation where they would have to make decisions on my behalf. Through discussion I realised that even if I were specific in recording my wishes in my LPA the task of communicating my views and making what could be very challenging and sensitive decisions would rest with my relative. I did not want my relative to have that pressure and therefore decided that an Advance Decision would be the better option. One of the Advocates then returned to assist me with completing the Advance Decision. I then took the Advance Decision to my Doctor who signed it and took a copy to be scanned into my medical records. I am very happy to have been able to benefit from this project and I now have the peace of mind that I have put my wishes and views in writing on a legally binding document. Although the service I received is about a very sensitive topic and can be considered by others as depressing I was very pleased with it and my feelings of relief outweighed my trepidation about the subject. We were delighted to be able to support Lloyd, and are also very grateful to him for sharing with us and you his experience of the project. If you like Lloyd would like to know more about Advance Decisions or Lasting Power of Attorneys, or perhaps you are ready to set out your wishes in writing, then call us on 0800 999 2434.  If you live in East London you can book a 1:1 appointment like Lloyd did, to make a booking visit one of the Age UK East London offices or ring Vicky on 0208 981 7124.

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