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Health and Welfare Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) gives one or more trusted persons the legal power to make decisions about your health and welfare if you lose capacity. The person who grants power is known as the ‘Donor’ and the person appointed to make decisions is the ‘Attorney’.

Your Attorney can make decisions about anything to do with your health and welfare such as:

  • refusing medical treatment
  • where you are cared for and the type of care you receive
  • day-to-day things like your diet, dress and daily routine
My family responded well and understandingly about my wishes. They will take joint responsibility to ensure that I am given pain relief and comfort in my care. I feel a deep relief at having made a Lasting Power of Attorney, I now have no concerns about my end-of-life care Rev Alyson Carter, Dorset

Making an LPA

The links below explain what you need to consider to make an LPA: